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Leadership Book
A revolutionary new path to effective leadership.

Sharing discoveries from a revolutionary study of great leadership, Leadership 2.0 uncovers the leadership skills that enable true excellence so that any leader can use them to his or her advantage.

This groundbreaking program for developing effective leadership will show you how to improve all 22 core and adaptive leadership skills via a detailed, guided process. Core leadership skills are essential because they make leaders who they are, while adaptive leadership skills enable true excellence because they make leaders into who they ought to be.

The back of the book includes a sealed envelope with a password you use to go online and take the 360° Refined™ leadership assessment.

Take the assessment to discover:

  • How you score in each of the core and adaptive leadership skills..
  • The actions you take each day that create your scores.
  • The strategies from the book (customized to your score profile) that will take your leadership skills to new heights.

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